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At We Fix Any Car, we specialise in providing the highest quality bodywork repairs on any vehicle make or model.

All repairs are carried out according to Manufacturers specifications and to the highest standards! 

Whether it be a light scratch or major damage, We Fix Any Car has top of the range equipment and fully IMI qualified staff to fix it! We Fix Any Car offers a range of car body and accident repair services. If your vehicle is undriveable or unroadworthy, we can recover it for you. 

We do private repairs and insurance claims too! 

Private Bodywork:

Taking into consideration the costs associated with insurance claims (excess, increased insurance premium etc…) a private repair can be a better alternative to claiming through your insurance.

With We Fix Any Car, you get the comfort of a professional bodyshop repairing your vehicle and the peace of mind that the repairs are completed to the highest standard. 

Insurance Repairs:

We Fix Any Car deal with all insurance claims, fault and non-fault accidents! We can deal with the insurance company on your behalf and keep you updated from start to finish! Furthermore, if the accident is not your fault we can provide you with a vehicle to use for the duration of your repair.

We can also help you with your personal injury claim if you were injured in the accident.

What’s the process? 

1)    Vehicle Collection/Driver Drop Off 

You can drop your vehicle off at our garage to our customer friendly reception team. If your car is in an undriveable condition following the accident, we can arrange for the vehicle to be recovered to our workshop.

Upon arrival, the vehicle is videoed internally and externally.

2)    Vehicle Damage Assessment & Estimate The damage is assessed and a repairs estimate is drafted and provided to the customer. If your repairs are being claimed via insurance, the process is slightly different. The vehicle damage is assessed and a repairs estimate is constructed using the specialised bodywork estimating system, Glass’s. With an insurance claim, we liaise directly with the insurance company on your behalf. This ensures your vehicle will be repaired and back on the road in no time.  

3)    Repairs Authorised The customer/insurance company are provided with the repairs estimate. This estimate is usually subject to dismantling the vehicle. Once the estimate has been reviewed, and the customer/insurance company are satisfied with the costs, repair authorisation is granted. Vehicle Dismantled In some circumstances, it is required to dismantle the vehicle to assess for internal damage beneath the panels. This is dependent on the extent of the damage. If this is required, we will advise the customer during the initial vehicle assessment. In an insurance claim, a secondary authorisation will be provided for any additional repairs required after the initial authorisation has been provided. This is known as a Supplement. 

4)    Parts & Materials Ordered All required parts are ordered upon receipt of repair authorisation. The vehicle is prepped in the meantime. 

5)    Repairs Carried Out & Completed Upon arrival of the parts, the vehicle repairs are performed. All new parts are fitted to the vehicle. The vehicle is then paint using paint which is mixed to perfect match the original colour and finish to your vehicle. 

6)    Valet On completion of the repairs, the vehicle is cleaned internally and externally, removing all signs of the repair process. 

7)    Final Inspection & Road Test 

A final quality check and road test are performed by a senior member of staff to ensure the repairs have been carried out to the industry quality standard. 

8) Vehicle Collection

The customer is taken around the vehicle to confirm they are happy with the repair before signing a satisfaction note. The vehicle is videoed internally and externally before leaving. 

About Us

The Auto Fix Group was founded in 1984 and was originally known as Exhaust Express, later it became necessary for us to become known as ‘We Fix Any Car Ltd’ to better express our full range of capabilities.

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